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News From Pipi's Pasture: Itching Their Way Into Spring
Cattle like to “itch” themselves just about anytime, but they really get carried away in the spring time of year. First of all, they have all of that winter hair. Then, the weather is getting warmer, their skin is dry, and they just feel uncomfortable. They probably feel as we do when we have dry, itchy scalp or skin. … Read News

Fence Panel Wood photos

News Desert Retreat Leads To Ugly Land Battle In Gardner
The land is stark, rolling desert, unsuitable for crops, far from city lights and unlikely to tempt a profit-driven developer. To Gary Lensky, an Orthodox Jew who had spent years seeking spiritual enlightenment in India and Israel, the barren Colorado landscape with its panoramic mountain views suggested a life in touch with a higher power and being at peace with the world. … Read News

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